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Create a Typography Based Blog Layout in HTML5

Last week I posted Womens Mist Trainers Hotter Buy Cheap Visit New LnuR6l0jiP
of this tutorial series covering the process of creating a typography based blog design in HTML5 and CSS3. We finished off the Photoshop concept with the design based on a strict grid and text laid out in our desired typeface. Now let’s replicate the design in a static HTML5 and CSS3 prototype before finishing it all off as a fully working WordPress theme.

Head back to last week’s tutorial post if you want to follow the step by step process of building this design in Photoshop. The WordPress theme we’re creating is called Typo. It’s a design that’s entirely based on typography to allow the content to shine. To allow the design to work without the use of any graphical interface elements it is based on a strict grid to balance the design and tie everything together.

View the Typo blog design Photoshop tutorial

With this design being pretty minimal and largely typography based there’s not much in the way of background image files that need exporting. The only files we’ll need to save are the background texture file and a couple of icons. However, to make life easier while coding up the design we can also export copies of the columns and grid lines so we can quickly align our elements.

This particular layout will be built with HTML5 elements, so it’s important to take a moment to familiarise yourself with the elements and check whether they fit into the layout semantically.

The static HTML file begins with a HTML5 Doctype and the usual content for the <head> section of the document, including the page title and link to the CSS stylesheet. Our design is using a somewhat unusual font courtesy of Google’s Web Fonts library , so the relevant code is also added. It’s important not to just straight swap your <div> tags for <section> tags when coding in HTML5, sometimes a <div> is still the most semantic choice, like when adding a wrapper or container div to your code.

One new HTML5 element we can make use of in place on a standard div is the <header> element, which can also contain a <nav> element to wrap our main navigation menu. The h1 is marked up as the blog title, with a handy anchor title describing where the link goes. If you remember in our concept we numbered the menu items, an obvious option would be to use an <ol> element, but semantically this isn’t correct because there’s no consecutive relationship between our menu links, the number is just for visual flair so we’ll add them later with CSS.

I originally used a <section> element to contain my page content, but after some reading it turned out this wasn’t 100% semantic. The preferred method would be to use a plain old <div> , but the addition of the ARIA role attribute of ‘content’ ‘main’ ( I mixed up the role and ID in the writeup! ) gives a little extra meaning to the tag. Inside the content area each blog post can be contained in its own <article> tags with the usual HTML elements mocking up the dummy content.

Homeschool - Space!

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STEM Works Space Activities
Homeschool Archives A list of resources for educators.


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Home School STEM Series |

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NASA Endeavor STEM

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NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Visit The New Big Dyl Pictures Environmental Videos Page To See More Aerial Footage of the Seas




Pinkerton Academy Space Students and everyone interested: Practice your abacus lessons! Starton the left then learn from the column on the right. Consider asking for an abacus as a gift.The style with two beads on the top deck and four beads on the lower deck is best to prepare for learning other equations in the future. Use videos to advance your skills. Possibly ask for an abacus club to form at school to advance your abilities.


Westill are trying to solve space science theories of past thinkers who used an abacus, and will be searching for life on Exo-planets.It will be easier to understand writings that are centuries old to help with solving modern questions, if you understadthe methods and language of the times. Abacus skills speed up abilities to memorize multiple algorithms and to switch off segments of algorithms and plug them into other strings then rapidly analyze the effect of the segment position change. Even if you develop a beginner understanding of the abacus!​ You do not have to become an expert.Any amount of skills you obtain from an abacus will help you to problem solve.

*remember, NASA needed old math methods to problem solve at times...during Mercury and Apollo missions..... Practice, Practice, Practice..... It's Fun! ---- Try to understand String Theory over Years. Everything connects!

STEM Works Space Exploration Activities

When it comes to improving any business workflow or process, the old adage, “progress, not perfection” is best. Very few processes are ever perfect. Moreover, the business and world around us is constantly changing, so it only makes sense that our work processes need to evolve over time as well.

This is a good time to solicit help from colleagues, co-workers, subordinates and supervisors. Get feedback from anyone directly or indirectly involved in the business workflow chain or the outcomes that the process produces. Seek their opinion on how to streamline steps, improve efficiency, or maybe even try something completely new. While you’ll occasionally identify big changes to processes, more often than not the input to improve is often small and subtle. Don’t discredit these small tweaks! Even the smallest improvement can have a big impact.

Care to guess the most common tool people use to track and manage their work processes? The answer is spreadsheets. An estimated 70 to 80 percent of businesses report using spreadsheets to track their critical processes and projects. Although a simple solution, using a spreadsheet to track a critical business workflow can be problematic. They’re difficult to share and keep up to date, as most people have to email them around to others for updates. Spreadsheets are also prone to data errors, as people mistakenly overwrite someone else’s input or just “fat finger” the wrong information or formula into a spreadsheet row or cell.

The good news is that there are a host of modern workflow software solutions, including TrackVia, that are specifically designed to help streamline business processes and workflows. Sometimes referred to as “workflow” or BPM (business process management) software, they vary in terms of features and capabilities. Most, however, are designed to make it easy to centrally collect data, automate steps in a business workflow, and generate better visibility with graphs, charts and reports. Modern workflow solutions like TrackVia also provide advanced capabilities such as mobile and intelligent workflow to further streamline more critical and complex business processes.

As previously mentioned, no process or workflow is perfect. So once you’ve improved your existing process or have implemented new workflow automation software, expect to refine your process over time. Again, modern business workflow solutions make it easy to refine your process or workflow by allowing you to adjust or improve your workflow with simple drag-and-drop mouse clicks.

Hopefully these six simple suggestions are helpful. Of course, we realize that you’re busy. Maybe so busy that you don’t even have time to improve the processes you already have. If that’s the case, we’re happy to help. Streamlining critical workflows and processes is what we do and we’re happy to help however we can.

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